Curtin College - Additional provision for students

Curtin College - Additional provision for students

At Curtin College there will be no changes to Trimester Start dates. Studies will start on 24 February 2020. Curtin College is committed to keeping new and current students in China engaged with the College. If this is not in a unit of study for credit, then in a non-credit engagement activity.

Students who are in China (or elsewhere) and cannot travel

New students at Curtin College will be invited to enrol in a free extension of studies module that will keep them engaged. This will involve new students engaging in academic skills sessions, language enrichment sessions, all supported by online resources, activities, videos. This will be facilitated through the Moodle platform. It will involve dedicated teachers who will be communicating with these students via Zoom (or like platforms) 2 or 3 times per week. These new students will also be provided opportunities to connect and collaborate with each other on activities - regardless of program of study or entry stage into the program.

Returning students will be invited to consider the following if they chose not to defer:

  • enrolment in selected unit/s
  • the use of supported online learning & teaching, iLectures and resources
  • online tutorials with activities
  • communication with the dedicated teachers in the unit
  • personalised feedback on your progress and your assessments

    Returning students who chose to defer will be offered a similar experience as new students. An opportunity to engage with a group of students in a co-curricular but related academic extension program. This will be not for credit, free activity that will support students on-going engagement in their studies.

    Students who can travel and will be in self-quarantine in Perth.

    These students will be able to engage in their units of study while they are in self-quarantine by Zooming into classes through the internet.

    Contact Information

    Michelle Von Karlowitz

    P: +61439517362